A Survivor’s Guide to the John Hewitt International Summer School (2016)

I want to go – great writing Trish

Trish Bennett

When Stephen Gordon calls to say that you are one of the ‘chosen few’, it’s ok to go mental like you have won the ‘Literary Lottery’. You get the feeling he’s heard it all before. You know this place will allowyou tobe free of responsibility for a while, to explorewhat’s at your core — the writer. You only realise how lucky you are when the course is over and you’re putting another load into the washing machine from the mountain of washing left by your family, awaiting your return.

IMG_7071 The Royal Grammar School, Armagh The John Hewitt is not any old Summer School. Don’t expect a spa break with 5* accommodation. The basics are covered. It’s clean. If you’re from the North, you will stay in the Royal Grammar School. You will have a bed with clean sheets, pillow and quilt, wardrobe and desk. There’s a shower and toilet down…

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