“I have been in writing groups in the past that were not so expertly directed as this one, groups that drifted nowhere in particular, and I soon dropped out of them. I’ll be staying with this writers’ workshop”  S.L.

“Best thing for me was somebody challenging me to get the pen moving, which is my main problem…”

“Monica’s mentoring was affirming and technically rigorous – just the right balance, which is so hard to find. It allowed me to come back to my work with renewed energy, enthusiasm and direction.”    E.O Callaghan

“Inspiring, a little scary!”

“Monica’s Creative writing Workshops for Returned Volunteers have been instrumental in helping me change from the impersonal, factual style of my professional scientific writing to one more appropriate for telling my stories of volunteering.  The triggers and aids she uses have shown me how to concentrate on one sight or event at a time, and describe the essence of the experience.  Each workshop brings out something new.”  Sara McMurray

“An open, welcoming space where we could present whatever we wrote without fear.”

“Monica has proven to be a proficient editor of both poetry and prose.  She thoroughly understands the work, evaluates it, and explains why she suggests changes.  I feel she helps me become my most true writing self.”    Patricia McGowan

“Good facilitation created a safe space to share very personal experiences.…”

“I found Monica’s input not only insightful but clarifying.  She helped me learn to take away the scaffolding from my poems and to recognise where I could add extra supports. Monica is a pleasure to work with and somehow manages to be firm and gentle, honest and kind at the same time.  The mentoring was just what I needed and my writing has improved greatly from it.  I would highly recommend Monica for both individual mentoring and workshop facilitation.”    Ellen Factor

“I found her thoughtful and insightful. Her communication with me was a good balance of candour and encouragement.”    M. Deery

“A wonderful opportunity to hear other people’s work…”