Mentoring Testimonials

  • Monica’s mentoring was affirming and technically rigorous – just the right balance, which is so hard to find. It allowed me to come back to my work with renewed energy, enthusiasm and direction. –   E.O Callaghan

  • I found Monica’s input not only insightful but clarifying.  She helped me learn to take away the scaffolding from my poems and to recognise where I could add extra supports. Monica is a pleasure to work with and somehow manages to be firm and gentle, honest and kind at the same time.  The mentoring was just what I needed and my writing has improved greatly from it.  I would highly recommend Monica for both individual mentoring and workshop facilitation. –  Ellen Factor

  • Monica has proven to be a proficient editor of both poetry and prose.  She thoroughly understands the work, evaluates it, and explains why she suggests changes.  I feel she helps me become my most true writing self. – Patricia McGowan

  • I found her thoughtful and insightful. Her communication with me was a good balance of candour and encouragement. –  M. Deery