The Colour Red Has Many Flavours

I’m delighted that my flash fiction has won the Myslexia # 91 Flash Challenge. You can read Judge Meg Pokrass’s generous comments below.

The Colour Red Has Many Flavours is a potent story of realization. In this epiphanic moment, a woman in an abusive relationship recognizes what she’s been living in, as if waking up from a terrible dream. The way the story builds makes us see, through the main character’s perspective, just how unhappy she has become. Earned through the careful crafting of language and world building, the author brings realistic and often shocking insight. This insight comes from the sort of questioning that ensues when something bleak is transformed by a moment of brightness or when something seemingly mundane is suddenly revealed as earth-shattering. Because the story is loaded with masterful use of sensory detail, and the reader is treated to a most satisfying ending—something we wish happened more often in the real world.

Meg Pokrass


2 thoughts on “The Colour Red Has Many Flavours

  1. Congratulations Monica, you have captured perfectly how this life feels when trapped in the cycle of abuse.

    If you would be interested, I wrote a poem on my own experiences of this type of life. Keep well.

    Theresa Jones from Carrick on Suir poetry plus group. I published this in a collection of 60 poems last November. Servant of Time


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