The Border Between Us

Tune in to the Glens Centre YouTube channel at 7pm on Tues 23rd Feb 2021 to view eleven micro-films on the theme of “the border between us”.

These micro-films / visual-poems / digital-stories were created during a twelve week online programme facilitated by Rachel Webb and Monica Corish, supported by Across the Lines and the International Fund for Ireland.


2 thoughts on “The Border Between Us

  1. Monica – that was WONDERFUL! I loved it all and the presentation was so imaginative. The themes of walls, lockdown, masks, sanctuary and the family bible – I loved the Ramsey family bible – all worked so well.
    ‘Where do I belong?’, ‘the fuzziness around the edges,’ ‘the otter fleet and flicking’ and the ‘house built on smuggled cigarettes.’ – such a richness of ideas and images, (some to make me smile and some to tear my heart!) and then the pictures to compliment it all.
    It was a treat and I am so glad you told us about it and that I was able to find it

    Thank you.
    Much love,

    Ps I hope Tom is better. I know he is cheering you on.



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