Writing Prompts from the Cocoon, June 2

This will be my last Writing Prompt from the Cocoon for a while – not because I am fully out of lockdown, but because summer is here and it’s time to concentrate on my own writing.

I leave you with another ekphrastic prompt, from this excellent Facebook page where members recreate famous works of art – in this case Кира Викторовна’s recreation of Salvador Dali’s 1925 work, “Girl at the Window“. You might write in response to either one of the images, or you might decide to place them in dialogue with each other.

Girl at the Window, after Dali

Two sources of prompts to keep you going over the summer:

  • Every week O Bhéal post a new five word poetry competition
  • The Poets and Writers website posts “a poetry prompt on Tuesdays, a fiction prompt on Wednesdays, and a creative nonfiction prompt on Thursdays”

Happy writing – stay well, stay safe, stay creative – Monica


1 thought on “Writing Prompts from the Cocoon, June 2

  1. Sending you very best wishes Monica. Enjoy your Summer days & writing. Thank you for taking the time to keep us motivated with prompts, useful info etc. Take care. Bridie


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