“The Air is Alive with Fear and Care” @AllinghamArts #CreativityAgainstCorona

The Air is Alive with Fear and Careriver and tree

When people greet in South Sudan, they hold hands for many minutes – half an hour if the warmth is strong, the bond of kin or friendship. How is your mother? Your aunt? Your son? And your herd of cattle – thriving? Did the speckled cow survive the difficult birth?

Now the air crackles between us, friend or stranger, in every nation. Two metres. Six feet, the length and depth of a coffin. I walk a narrow path in the woods, meet a man with an unleashed terrier. Will he step to his side, mirror my care? He does.

We smile, we breathe a sigh. The air is alive with fear and care.

On the lake the Swans continue their slow courtship. I am learning the songs of the residents – Blackbird, Robin, Song Thrush, Wren – while they have the forest to themselves.

The evenings are longer by the day. There is no call to quarantine the birds. Larks exhilarate, Starlings murmurate, dark swirls against a clouded sky.

Soon the explorers will arrive from Africa – Cuckoo and Swallow, the creaking Corncrake, not yet extinct. Our small island will levitate with their cacophony, their mating joy. They will tell again their noisy stories, how they navigate by star maps and the magnets in their eyes.

Leave us our green walks, I pray.

O makers of the rules of wise restraint, let me be close to the wisdom of Hazel, let me watch her leaves unfurl out of the cell of winter.

I can do this, I tell myself. Cocoon. Lock-down. Self-isolate.

And if they say I cannot walk between the trees, there is still my garden, small and unruly, in need of love.

I can do this, however long it takes.

If every day I can rinse my heart clean of fear. If I can fill my lungs with God’s green air.

ghamArts #CreativityAgainstCorona


9 thoughts on ““The Air is Alive with Fear and Care” @AllinghamArts #CreativityAgainstCorona

  1. Hi Monica. I hope you and Tom stay well. Drove past you today on my way back from a spooky Bundoran, and was thinking of you. Xxx Helen 

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    1. Monica, I so appreciate your words, the order of them, the bird names, the custom you tell us about, from South Sudan, your kind and generous heart. May we all be well.


  2. “Leave us our green walks, I pray. O makers of the rules of wise restraint”
    Wonderful words Mon and all too relevant to London city life, where our local parks are the green lungs we need to breathe.


  3. Beautiful post Monica & I hope you can continue your outdoor walks. Over here in uk we can take outdoor walk & so far our local park around the corner is open & the path lends itself to social distancing.
    It is lovely to hear the birdsong isn’t it. Take care & God send you safe 🙏❤️☘️


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