Please tell your American friends – they can, and should, vote now

Tom Sigafoos

If, like me, you’re worried about the future of democracy in the US, please encourage your American friends overseas to vote with Federal Write-in Absentee Ballots. It’s a positive action that we can all take.

I’ve been making phone calls on behalf of the Democrats Abroad organisation, urging Americans who live around the world to vote in the 2020 General Election. Some nine million US citizens live outside the country, and six-and-a-half million are registered voters. In 2016, however, only one million of us voted.

Because many countries have slow, overloaded postal systems, overseas voters can use a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot that can be downloaded from Now that the US postal system has also been slowed down and overloaded, we’re urging overseas voters to download their ballots now, write in their choices and post their votes as soon as possible.

Please don’t sit this one out, and…

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