Updates and Hidden Gems: The 2017 Allingham Festival

Tom Sigafoos

susan mckay

On Nov 9-12, the 2017 Allingham Festival will bring writers, artists, workshops and excitement to Ballyshannon. Please note the following updates in the schedule, and please join in the daytime events and other “Hidden Gems” of the Allingham Festival.


  • Thursday
    • Festival Opening – “No Woman’s Land” – Susan McKay (pictured) will speak about her life and career as a cross-border journalist – 8:00 pm in the Abbey Centre, following a wine reception. OPENING NIGHT PROGRAMME SPONSORED BY AIB.
  • Friday
    • John D. Ruddy / “Manny Man” – 11:30 am Friday in the Abbey Centre – see detail below
    • Jo McCusker – 2:00 pm Friday in the Abbey Centre – see detail below
    • “Songs of Erne” musical programme – 8:00 pm in St Anne’s Church
  • Saturday
    • High-tech vinyl cutting and design by The Fab Lab – a free event, but pre-booking is essential for limited seats – 10:30 am, The Mall

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