Wild Atlantic Writers to Gather at Allingham Festival

Tom Sigafoos

Writers from the North and West of Ireland are invited to join in a gathering of “Wild Atlantic Writers” at the 2016 Allingham Festival in Ballyshannon on Saturday, Nov 5. Bernadette Greenan, General Manager of the Irish Writers’ Centre, will speak on the professional development programmes of the IWC.

Organisers of the Wild Atlantic Writers seek to attract a wide range of programmes and speakers to the West from the IWC, the Arts Council, the Irish Writers’ Union and other organisations, north and south.

The meeting of Wild Atlantic Writers is a free event at the 2016 Allingham Festival. The Saturday programme will also include a poetry workshop with Afric McGlinchy, an interview of Laureate for Irish Fiction Anne Enright by Sinéad Gleeson, the Allingham Poetry and Flash Fiction Awards, and the launch of A Dying Language by Monica Corish, plus the Allingham Concert. For full programme details…

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